Mergers and Acquisitions Sources

These sources allow you to screen for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and other deal types. Some will also provide or link to additional details or commentary about the deal.

To Build Lists

  1. Choose Zephyr Advanced to build a customized list.
  2. Choose All Deals > Deal types & method of payment > Deal type > choose Acquisition and/or Merger. Click OK.
  3. Find additional limiters by clicking on Alphabetical List or typing in Find a search criterion box.
  4. Click the View list of deals at the bottom of the page when done.
  1. Choose Screening & Analysis > Deals & League Tables > M&A> Advanced search.
  2. Select items.
  3. Click the Execute button at the bottom.
  4. In the Open/Create section, choose a report type or create a new custom report.
  5. Click the Execute button at the bottom.
  1. Hover over the Screening tab and select Transactions.
  2. In the M&A Details box choose appropriate search criteria.
  3. Add any additional search criteria
  4. Click View Results.
  1. Choose FactSet Web Interface.
  2. Choose Idea Screening > In Transactions select M&A.
  3. Choose variables.
  4. Click View when done.

For a Large Dataset

SDC Platinum

This is one of the main sources used in academic papers.

How to download data from SDC Platinum.

Answered By: Zina Shapiro
Last Updated: Sep 04, 2020

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