Initial Public Offerings (IPO) & Secondary Offerings Sources

These sources allow you to screen for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and other deal types. Some will also provide or link to additional details or commentary about the deal.

To Build Lists

  1. Choose Zephyr Advanced to build a customized list.
  2. Choose All Deals > Deal types & method of payment > Deal type > IPO. Click OK
  3. Find additional limiters by clicking on Alphabetical List or typing in Find a criterion box.
  4. When done click the View list of deals at the bottom of the page.
  1. Choose Screening & Analysis > Deals & League Tables > Equity > Advanced Search.
  2. Choose Item Search and enter IPO then select IPO, IPO Flag (Y/N).
  3. In the Deal Search box, mark Select All IPOs and click Apply To.
  4. Choose Item List to find other items to add to search.
  5. Click the Execute button at the bottom.
  6. In the Open/Create section, choose a report type or create a new custom report.
  7. Click the Execute button at the bottom.
  1. Hover over the Screening tab and select Transactions.
  2. In the General Transaction Details box select Types. Add Public Offerings to the search criteria.
  3. In the General Transaction Details box select Transaction Primary Features. Add Public Offerings-IPO.
  4. Add any additional search criteria and click View Results.
  1. Choose FactSet Web Interface.
  2. Choose Idea Screening > Transactions > IPO & Follow Ons.
  3. Choose appropriate variables from list to filter results and click View.

For a Large Dataset

SDC Platinum

This is one of the main sources used in academic papers.

How to download data from SDC Platinum. To get a universe of either IPOs or Secondary Listings, when building the search/screen in the Global New Issues Database use the IPO Flag Y/N variable.

For a wealth of IPO related data and lists of IPOs that are often used as a base universe for additional academic research papers, see University of Florida's Professor Jay Ritter's website.

Answered By: Nora Richardson
Last Updated: Sep 04, 2020

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