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SDC Platinum Data Download

To run a search and download results in SDC via LSEG Workspace, follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch the SDC Platinum App

You can launch the SDC Platinum application from the LSEG Workspace platform or from the Refinitiv Excel Add-In toolbar. The application itself is identical using either method.

LSEG Workspace

  1. LSEG Workspace – see LSEG Workspace access help
  2. Enter SDC into the Search box at the top of the screen and select the SDC Platinum application from the results list.

LSEG Workspace Excel Add-In

  1. Connect to the LSEG Workspace Excel Add-In – see see LSEG Workspace Excel Add-In access help
  2. Select the SDC Platinum from the Refinitiv tab, the app will launch in a new pop-out window.

Step 2: Select the Database and Dates

  1. To start a new search, select New Session in the left navigation panel.
  2. Select the database and one of its modules; for example Global New Issues Databases > All Equities.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select dates in the top section of the screen. The default date range is All Dates.
    To choose a different date range, click on the "pencil" (edit) icon in the Action column. In the Dates box in the information pane (bottom right corner of the window) choose a date parameter.
  5. Click Save.

Step 3: Create the Universe

You will add your screening variables (e.g. all IPO deals in a specific country and industry) using the Data Item Library.

  1. In the Data Items Library portion of the page, either browse the different variable category tabs or highlight the All Items tab and use the Search box to find screening criteria by keyword.
  2. Customize the data item in the information pane on right. Different data types may require multiple customizations before you can add it to your screen.
  3. Click Add after each selection.
  4. Press Execute in the top menu bar.
    The numbers in the Results column tell you how many results there are (for example, there might be 20 IPO deals in the date range in the specific country and industry specified).
    NOTE: If you need to modify your screen parameters, in the top results window, click the "pencil"(edit) icon or a Delete icon in the Action column at right of the selected data item.

Step 4: Create the Report

You will pick the variables you want about the entities in your universe (e.g. the date of the IPO).

  1. Click Output in the upper right session bar, hover over Report and select an option.
    • For SDC Standard report you will choose the SDC template from the templates library.
      1. Select Output > Report > Open SDC Standard.
      2. Select the type of report.
      3. Click Load.
        Tip: If you want to see or edit the fields in the standard report, click the "pencil" icon in the Action column on right. That will open a list of all data items. You can edit the report at this point, e.g., delete unwanted fields, add new data items, select a sort criterion, add a report title. Once done with the changes, click Update in the top right corner.
      4. Click Execute.
    • For SDC custom report:
      1. Select Output > Report > New Custom (or, if reusing a saved report, Open Custom).
      2. Select data items for your output report similar to the method used for adding screening parameters. Customize selection in the information pane on right where applicable. Click Add after each selection.
        Optionally, click the Options icon at top right to select your sort criteria and add a title to the report.
      3. Click Next when done.
        NOTE: You may still edit your data items selections or add additional ones by clicking the Data Items at top.
      4. Click Execute.

Note that you can select more than one type of output reports. For example, you can add a Standard report and a League table.

Step 5: Export Results

With the report opened, click the Export Selected button in the left panel. That will open your report in Excel. The second worksheet will contain all your session details.

Helpful Notes

  • To save the session details to be able to replicate or share with other researchers, go to the Session Details page click on Session > Save.
    • To open a saved session, go to the SDC app home page, click Open Session, and select the file.
  • Be aware of exporting CUSIPs and being sure not to drop any leading 0's.

Answered By: Zina Shapiro
Last Updated: Sep 14, 2023

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