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Create a List of Companies

To get information on a lot of companies, you likely need to make a company list. You can make lists of the top players in an industry, to get diversity data for S&P 500 executives, or to get a target list for your job search.

How to Create Lists

Creating lists typically involves two steps:

  1. Create the screen - Apply the search filters you want to create the base list.
    1. Ex: Only public companies based in the US in entertainment industries.
  2. Choose data points - Pick the variables or information you want for each company on the list.
    1. Ex: Current CEO's gender, market cap, headquarters state, etc.

Tip: Some variables are only available as data points after you've made the list. If that happens, add that data point to the report or columns to further refine your list.

Best Sources

You can create company lists in many resources, these are just the most commonly used. See more options on the Company Information Research Guide or Ask Us for personal suggestions

Note: If you want to create a list with email addresses and/or phone numbers for individual people, you will need to purchase that from a third party vendor.

Large Datasets

If you're doing a project where you need thousands of company records and/or need historical, point-in-time data, use these resources.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Feb 08, 2024

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