Company Financials / Fundamentals Sources

For Individual Companies

Use Capital IQ (GSB only) for financial data for a few companies, including balance sheets and income statements.

  1. Enter a company name or Ticker in the search box. Select the company to enter the profile.
  2. In the left navigation column, go to Financials/Valuation and select Key Stats.
  3. Use the drop-downs above the chart to modify the format, period, dates, etc.
  4. To download all financials, select Download Financials in the upper left.

You can also use Thomson ONE, FactSet, D&B Hoovers. For a focus on private companies use PrivCo, for startups use PitchBook, and for non-US companies use Orbis.

For a Large Dataset

Below are the most commonly used sources in academic research for company fundamentals. All have global coverage, unless otherwise noted.

Public Companies

These databases are from different vendors and so have slightly different coverage due to different data collection methods (see this paper that compares them). All are available in WRDS and have global coverage unless noted.

  • Compustat - From Standard & Poors (S&P). It is the easiest to link to stock data in CRSP. See how to download data from Compustat
  • Osiris - From Bureau van Dijk (BvD).
  • Worldscope - From Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) and previously owned by FactSet.
  • Amadeus - From Bureau van Dijk (BvD). European coverage only, and because of that it tends to have more variables than the others.

Private Companies

Private company fundamentals and information is harder to find. Commonly used options available in WRDS are:

  • Orbis - From Bureau van Dijk (BvD). Global coverage.
  • Amadeus - From Bureau van Dijk (BvD) and available in WRDS. European coverage only, and because of that it tends to have more variables.


  • Eikon - From Refinitiv, it is the only source we have that allows you to export/download large amounts of startup data.
  • Crunchbase - Apply for access to Crunchbase data for academic research projects.
  • PrivCo - Covers companies headquartered in the U.S. If you need to download more data than currently available, please let us know.

Establishment-Level Data

You can explore these datasets in their companion online platforms (Data Axle; Orbis) but they don't always contain the same variables. If you're looking for specific variables let us know and we can help you track them down.

  • Data Axle Historical Data - From Infogroup and formerly called Reference USA. US data only.
  • Orbis - From Bureau van Dijk (BvD) and in WRDS. Global coverage, but there is a 10 year rolling backfile and reports of survivorship.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021

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