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Corporate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Initiatives

Because companies aren't required to disclose DEIA initiatives, it can be hard to find information about any DEIA initiatives a company has/had. See also workforce/employee diversity data sources.

For A Large Dataset

There are limited DEIA-related variables in the following sources:

  • Refinitiv ESG Data  – Contains a few variables related to DEIA initiatives, including Policy Diversity and Opportunity (whether or not the firm has a policy to advance diversity), and Targets Diversity and Opportunity (whether or not the firm has targets in place to achieve in regards to diversity and opportunity).
  • S&P ESG Scores - see WRDS access help – The Social Reporting Score variable evaluates "the quality of reporting through assessing the relevance and scope of the information contained in social reports, as well as their alignment with internationally-acknowledged reporting standards."
  • Bloomberg – see Bloomberg access help – Contains a few variables related to DEIA initiatives, including Equal Opportunity Policy (whether or not the firm has a policy for providing equal opportunities), the Bloomberg Social Disclosure Score, and Action Plan to Close Gender Pay Gap.

Organizations & Reports

Company ESG Reports

  • Many large companies produce ESG-related reports, which you can typically find them on the company's Investor Relations section of their website.
  • They may be called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reports, Diversity & Inclusion Reports, and Environmental & Sustainability Reports, etc.
  • Here is an example of the diversity and inclusion section in Coca-Cola's annual Environmental & Sustainability Report.

Industry/Trade Association Diversity Reports

  • Find industry/trade association's (see tips) to see if they have produced any DEIA-related reports or data.
  • For example, this McKinsey & Company article provides an analysis of diversity and inclusion data tracking in the Private Equity industry by partnering with trade association Limited Partners Association (ILPA).

Organizations Focused on DEIA Issues

Many other organizations track, evaluate, or aim to support or encourage corporate DEIA initiatives. As a result, they may produce reports or provide data they have collected on the topic. Some examples are below:

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2023

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