Bloomberg Terminal Access

Bloomberg Terminals are available remotely for current Stanford faculty, staff, and students.

Bloomberg Terminal Account Set Up

If you haven't yet logged into our Bloomberg Terminals remotely, follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a Bloomberg for Education Account (BMC)

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a BMC account as a Learner (most students and staff) or Professor. Be sure to use your @stanford email.
  3. Activate the account using the link in the confirmation email you are sent.
  4. Ignore the screen asking you to checkout and register for the Bloomberg Market Concepts course.

Step 2: We Have to Approve "Learner" Accounts

  1. Let us know you have created a BMC account and that you need authorization to create your Bloomberg Terminal login.
  2. If you created a Professor account in Step 1, follow the instructions provided by Bloomberg.

Step 3: Create a Bloomberg Terminal Login

  1. While logged in to the Bloomberg for Education portal, go to the Terminal Access tab.
  2. Follow the account creation wizard to create a Bloomberg Terminal login. This is also called a Shared Bloomberg Terminal Login, meaning it is a login that works on terminals accessible by or shared with multiple people.

Logging Into Bloomberg Terminals Remotely

  1. Go
  2. Login with the Bloomberg Terminal username and password you received following the above steps.
  3. Verify your identity with a code sent to your email or mobile device.
  4. Select whether to launch just Bloomberg or Bloomberg with Excel. Use the arrow button next to Launch to either:
    1. Launch within the browser (if you don't want to worry about installing software)
    2. Launch with Citrix Receiver
      1. If you do not already have Citrix Workspace installed, you should be prompted to download it. If not, you can download Citrix Workspace for Windows and Mac.
      2. After you click Launch (or Launch with Citrix Receiver) an .ica file will download which will prompt Bloomberg to open via the Citrix Workspace.
  5. If you have technical problems, check out Bloomberg Terminals Troubleshooting help.

How to Save Downloaded Data on your Computer

  1. File > Save As > Browse > Local Disk (C). Or, if you are on a computer with multiple users/accounts, go to File > Save As > Computer > Local Disk (C) > Users > your user name.
  2. Either locate an existing folder or create a new one to save the file.


If you get a Login Failed Error 60.1 error (see picture), contact us. We will need to contact our Bloomberg account manager for them to reassign your account so it works again.

If you are having issues launching the Citrix Workspace application, unistall it and then re-download the newest version of Citrix Workspace for Windows and Mac.

For other technical issues, contact Bloomberg directly at

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2020

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