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Search Across Company Filings, Transcripts, Research, and News Sources

To gain insight into a company, industry, or timely topic, it can be helpful to search across content like news articles, company filings, conference call transcripts, and more all in one place. The following resources will let you do that.

  • Refinitiv Workspace – see Refinitiv Workspace access help
    1. In the top search box, enter Signal and open the Signal App.
    2. In the new search box, enter a company name or keyword.
    3. Beneath the search box, edit the time-frame (default is the past 3 months).
    4. To the right of the calendar box, click on Source Selection to verify the sources being searched (e.g. news, transcripts).
    5. Press Search.
  • FactSet – see FactSet access help
    1. In the top search box, enter Document Search to open the Document Search application.
    2. To search across filings, research, transcripts, and news, use the Smart Search tab. To just search transcripts, select the Transcripts & Slides tab.
    3. On the left, enter the securities in the drop-down search box, add keywords, and adjust the dates.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Mar 03, 2023

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