Futures Data Sources

The following are typically the best places to get futures data.

  • Bloomberg
    • For generic contracts:
      • In the command line, enter generic 1st [or 2nd, 3rd] name of commodity or security. Example: Generic 1st Silver Futures
      • If you know the ticker, the formula is Ticker1 (or Ticker2, Ticker3). Example: SAI1 (this is for Generic 1st Silver Futures)
      • Once on the SAI1 or Generic 1st Silver Futures, select 2)CT for the Futures Contract Table.
      • Get more help on generic contracts in Bloomberg by entering HELP FAQ:2828407 <GO>.
  • Datastream
    • The most commonly used futures are the generic contracts (called Continuous series in Datastream).
    • Find futures under the Derivatives Datastream series or category.
    • View the Datastream Guide for help.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: May 22, 2020

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