Exchange Rates Data Sources


  • Global Financial Data
    1. In the left menu, under GFDatabase, in the Filter by Series Category drop-down, select Exchange Rate.
    2. In the Filter by Main Indicator drop-down, select the starting currency (e.x. US Dollar).
    3. Add other search constraints. Press Search.
    4. Browse or search for the currency to pair (e.x. Canadian Dollar).
    5. Use the icons for each result to get more information, graph the data, or download the data.

Other Sources

  • Bloomberg
    • To get historical spot price data:
      1. Press the yellow F11 Curncy key and <GO>.
      2. Select 6 WCR.
      3. The default Base currency is USD. You can change this using the amber Base field.
      4. Scroll through the listed currency pairs to find the spot exchange rate for the desired pair. You can change the list of displayed pairs using the Currency Basket drop down.
        • Note: USDCAD is the price of 1 USD in CAD; CADUSD is the price of 1 CAD in USD.
      5. Right click on the symbol and select HP – Historical spot price data. 
  • Datastream

Federal Reserve: H.10 Foreign Exchange Rates

Available in Data-Planet, in WRDS (under Federal Reserve), or directly from the Federal Reserve.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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