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Refinitiv Workspace Screener App to Download Data

Refinitiv Workspace has various screener apps with similar functionality that allow you to get data about companies, deals, etc.

Step 1: Open the Screener

  1. Connect to Refinitiv Workspace – see Refinitiv Workspace access help.
  2. Use either method:
    • From the top menu, select Search Tools. Either choose a category, e.g. Companies, Bonds, etc., or click Search for more options.
    • In the search box at the top of the screen, type Screener or a more specific phrase like Private Equity Screener.

Step 2: Add the Screen Filters and Modify Display

With the Screener open, use the filters in the left panel to customize your search. Use the options above the results to modify how the results display and add additional variables.

For example, to create a custom list of VC deals using the Private Equity Screener:

  1. Select filters in the left panel in the Quick Filters section, such as Deal Type.
  2. For more filters, in the Add Filter box either enter a search term or click the list icon to Launch Data Item Library - a comprehensive list of of relevant data items.

Step 3: Pick the Output Format

Some Screeners have multiple output options. If available, in the top left corner above the results use the Output dropdown menu.


The Report output provides a tabular view of the results.

  1. If you see the option, we recommend trying the different Report Types. In the Private Equity Screener example, there are Report Types for Company, Firm, Fund, and Investment Details reports.
    • Tip: the number of results can vary based on the Report Type. In this example, the Investment Details report will include a row for each deal that passed the screen, so it will have more results than the Company report, where each row will have a company-level summary of the deals.
  2. Modify how the results display using the options above the results (options will vary by Report Type and Screener).
    • Use the Add Column fields to display additional variables.
    • Use the Group fields to group results by things like geography or industry.
League Tables or Volume Analysis

League Tables provide a ranking report, typically of legal advisors or bankers based on things like how many deals they worked on.

Volume Analysis provides statistics on things like the number of deals by country each quarter.

Use the Options: Edit field above the results to modify the analysis criteria.

Step 4: Export Results

In the top right corner of the results, use the icon bar to export to Excel, PDF, or Print.

To export to Excel:

  • To export all results, from the drop-down list select Export All as Values.
  • To export selected results, select the rows first and from the drop-down list select Export Selected as Values.

Answered By: Zina Shapiro
Last Updated: Oct 17, 2022

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