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Industry & Market Reports: For Countries & Regions

Most of the industry and market reports we have tend to have a global, U.S., or North American focus. While many global report will break down information by regions, the following are the best places to get industry & market reports focused on a specific country or region outside of the U.S.

  • FitchConnect
    Detailed global, country, and regional reports on a wide variety of industries. 
    1. If a general keyword search isn't returning helpful results, in the top search box start to type the name of a country. In the box that appears, under Entities select the country.
    2. Go to the Industry Risk tab and select an industry.
    3. Browse the reports.
  • EMIS Intelligence
    Global and emerging market information and market reports for countries or regions worldwide.
    1. Enter keywords in the search box near the middle of the page.
    2. Under Reports, select Country/Regional Market Research.
  • Passport
    Includes market research data, reports, and consumer trends worldwide for consumer industries.
    1. If a general keyword search isn't returning helpful results, search for an industry, product, or country in the search box.
    2. On the results page, go to the Analysis tab. If you're seeing a results preview, under the Analysis section click View All Results.
    3. Use the filters on the left to narrow by geographies or categories. The analysis type Country Report will be the most detailed.
  • EIU Viewpoint
    Includes current news and regular analysis, reports, and data on countries and industries around the world.
    1. In the top navigation go to Industries and select a market (e.g. Automotive)
    2. Use the tabs to change the geography.
    3. Scroll down for more specific market segments (e.g. Fuel Sources)
  • Business Source Complete
    Includes industry reports, news, magazines, journals, and more. The MarketLine reports will be particularly helpful.
    1. Go to the Advanced Search.
    2. In the first search box, enter "marketline" and change the dropdown menu to TI Title.
    3. In the second search box, enter the country's or region's name and change the dropdown menu to TI Title.
    4. In the third search box enter an industry or product keyword (e.g. tea, car, automobile).
    5. Press Search.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2022

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