Industry Reports Sources

Industry Reports

Industry reports are more focused on the supplying industry rather than the customer (the focus of market reports). However, they can still provide valuable information when putting together a market analysis. Popular resources are listed below. 

  • IBISWorld
    • Detailed U.S., Global, and China industry reports.
  • First Research
    • Primarily U.S. industry reports. Includes call-prep questions.
  • NetAdvantage
    • Includes CFRA Industry Surveys (formerly known as the S&P Industry Surveys) under the Industry Surveys tab. These surveys cover very broad industries and typically focus on the US.

Procurement Reports

Procurement reports provide information targeted to those purchasing products or services in a business environment. If you're researching a B2B product or service, these reports will shed some light into the market from a purchasing standpoint.

  • Procurement IQ
    • Provides procurement analysis, price trends, supply chain risk, and supplier benchmarks.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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