Consumer Attitudes, Perceptions, & Behaviors Sources

These sources include data, primarily from surveys, that will give you information on consumers' thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • Statista
    • Use the Global Survey. In the top navigation menu click on Global Survey > Browse the Global Consumer Survey.
  • Mintel
    • Either locate a report and then go to the Databook section, or, in the top navigation menu select Analytics.
    • Note: Most coverage is of the US and some other Western countries.
  • Claritas 360
    • Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions is a platform that lets marketers and advertisers analyze markets based on comprehensive Nielsen's consumers’ profiles and identify target consumer groups for their products and services.

  • Passport
    • Note: Passport focuses on consumer demographics (age, gender, level of education, access to internet, etc.) and actual spending/purchases by brand (e.g. what brands of coffee beans consumers in China purchase vs. the US), rather than consumer attitudes.
    • To get to more consumer attitudes data and analysis, use the Consumers tab in the top navigation.
  • EASI Analytics
    • EASI Analytics is a data provider that produces all sorts of datasets and tools used in consumer behavior. Examples include: EASI Quality of Life Indexes, Life Stage Clusters, as well as data from other providers such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey and an MRI Consumer Survey that surveys thousands of Americans each year on a variety of their habits.
    • EASI data is available in the following databases:
      • SimplyAnalytics
        • When selecting data variables in the Data tab, select the Consumer Behavior category to see available data.
        • Data goes back to 2011.
      • DataPlanet
        • On the left side panel, go to Browse by Subject > EASI Analytics.
        • Data goes back to 2015.
      • Claritas 360

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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