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Nonprofit Diversity Data Sources

There aren't many existing resources that provide data on non-profit executives in general, nor specifically related to diversity. Here are some options:

  • GuideStar
    • If a non-profit has disclosed diversity data of their leaders, you may find it in GuideStar, a database that provides data on nonprofits. Large downloads are not available in our subscription and must be purchased from GuideStar; Ask Us for more information.
    • To find out whether diversity data is available for a particular nonprofit:
      1. On the home page, click Search (you can enter a name of a nonprofit or leave the text box blank).
      2. On the left of the search results page, select the Organization tab.
      3. Expand the Diversity section and toggle on the option to filter to organizations providing diversity data.
      4. On the organization's profile, scroll to the Organizational demographics section.
    • You can search do an advanced search for grants and filter for a subject area of special population support and population served of ethnic and racial groups or gender and sexual identity. See the taxonomy.
  • The following reports have some data on nonprofit executive diversity:

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Sep 08, 2023

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