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Industry Ranking Sources

Industries can be ranked in many ways, including by revenue or the amount of funding received.

Industry metrics are created from the performance of the companies operating in that industry. Each source decides which industries companies belong to, so industry metrics can vary across sources.

These are just a few of the sources that contain industry metrics that can be used to rank industries.

Public Markets

These sources primarily use data from public companies.

  • IBISWorld
    1. From the top bar select Expert Tools > US Industry Wizard.
    2. On the Wizard page, select criteria from the left panel, e.g. Industry Performance, Operating Conditions, Risk, etc.
    3. Refine your selection further with available options in the center window.
  • FactSet – see FactSet access help
    An excellent source to analyze an individual industry.
    1. From the top menu select Industry
    2. In the left, use Identifier Lookup (Magnifying glass icon) at top.
    3. On the left, under Filters heading scroll down to the FactSet Industry field and select one. 
    4. Apply other filters as needed.
    5. Select a result from the list of equity indices.
    6. Click Add ID and click OK.
  • NetAdvantage
    • On the database's home page find top industry sectors performers at a glance. The ranking is based on financial criteria.
    • For more details on individual industries, including active investors, funding, financial metrics etc, from the top menu select Markets > individual industry sector.
  • Zacks Sector Rank / Industry Section
    • Latest industries' performance evaluation tool by Zacks based on companies' financial data.

Private Markets

The following sources provide data on comparative investment activity mostly in the private sector.

  • CB Insights – see CB Insights access help
    Analyze industries based on comparative funding and deals activity.
    1. From the left navigation, select Industry Analytics.
    2. On the top menu, click the Heatmap icon for visual representation of the size of funding and number of deals.
      Or click the Mosaic icon to view the data table of various industries performance metrics. For detailed industry view, select an industry from the list.
  • Tracxn – See Tracxn access help
    Analyze markets by top funded industries.
    1. From the top menu, select Products > Explore Databases > Companies.
    2. From the left navigation panel select Market > Top Funded Business Models.
    3. Use the options at the top to toggle the ranking criteria and time coverage. To further refine results, click the Filter icon in the top right corner and apply all required limiters to the results.
  • PitchBook – see PitchBook access help
    Analyze industries by investment activities, market size growth, new markets.
    1. Select the applicable option in the Market Analysis section in the left panel.
    2. Drill down to more details about individual industry sectors by selecting the industry and applying filters where available.

Answered By: Zina Shapiro
Last Updated: Dec 02, 2021

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