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Advertising Spending

The following databases offer data on advertising expenses broken down by various categories, e.g. by advertising media, industry, product etc.

  • Ad$pender
    • Advertising expenditure across 18 media by companies, brands, products in the United States.
  • eMarketer
    • Market data and statistics on total advertising spending and ad spending by media globally.
  • Statista
    • Market data and statistics on advertising and media, including advertising spending globally.

Expenditure on Political Ads

  • Facebook Ad Library Report
    • Get details on how much is being spent on ads about social issues, elections, or politics on Facebook in the United States.
    • Filter ad expenditures by dates, geography, advertiser, etc. For details on individual advertisement, click the name of the ad.
    • See also the Facebook Ad Library API.
  • Weslean Media Project
    • Data on spending on political campaigns is available in the below listed database for a small fee.

Answered By: Zina Shapiro
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

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