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In Vivo Accounts and Access

Access & Accounts

To access In Vivo from Informa Pharma Intelligence, you can:

  • use the In Vivo link on our website where you'll be automatically authenticated and provided access.
  • or, optionally, create an individual account so you can subscribe to alerts and newsletters, save searches, and bookmark articles.
    1. Go here to create an In Vivo account and click on Register in the upper right.
      • You must use an email that ends in
    2. You'll receive an email where you'll click a link to verify the registration.
    3. You can now log in to In Vivo, but you must use this link (not the other ones on our website).

Troubleshooting Tips

Issues Registering or Logging In

If you're having trouble registering for or signing in to your account, do you see any of the following things?

1. In the upper left do you see Hi, Stanford University?





2. When you try to register do you see an error like this?










3. When you try to login do you see an error like this?




Main Solution

If you see any of the above, open a different browser or a private/incognito window, use this link instead.

Why? If you're registering or logging into an individual account you created with your email, you must use a different link that the ones we use on our website.

Other Issue

If you're having a different issue or the above doesn't work, see our other troubleshooting help.

Answered By: Alice Kalinowski
Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021

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